Maybelline 2011 calendar presentation in Ljubljana

I attended the Maybelline New York 2011 limited edition calendar presentation yesterday. The event took place at Salon, one of my favorite restaurants in the city with super lavish interior design and atmosphere (it's perfect for the more glamorous occasions. I also celebrated my most recent birthday there, although it wasn't as glamorous as yesterday's ... Read more

How I bought a tie with little elephants

Salvatore Ferragamo tie with little elephants

FLORENCE, ITALY I fell in love with Salvatore Ferragamo ties as a child in Florence. On my first visit to a Ferragamo store I discovered colorful silk foulards kept in sleek wooden drawers. I imagined myself wearing them years later, when I'd be grown up and a lady. We had nothing in common then, but ... Read more

Lost in Manhattan

My latest odd fascination is watching videos and photos from the snowed-under New York: Bus stop on 3rd Avenue Times are hard for NYC fashionistas, no? I strongly believe that snow in cities should be banned without mercy, so here's a completely different editorial for a change. Warmer temperatures and great clothes. I lovelovelove the ... Read more