Privacy policy

Cookies does not use cookies. However, it is one among the billions of websites where cookies from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social media websites can get stored on your device, or those websites read the cookies already stored on your device when you visit

Those websites use the data gathered from cookies for different purposes, from analytics and advertising to product improvement. The Slovenian law ( is hosted on a server in Slovenia) treats this as an invasion of user privacy, so we need your explicit permission to use cookies on

We have carefully considered the aforementioned websites' terms and conditions and we believe they don't invade your privacy when you browse We therefore suggest all Dressful visitors to consent to cookie use.

If you withdraw your consent to cookie use, you won't be able to share posts on with your friends – Facebook and Twitter buttons will be removed. You'll likely have difficulty finding among Google Search results as well.

Don't forget – storing cookies on your device is under total control of your browser. Choosing the appropriate options in your browser, you can always limit or disable cookies. You can also delete cookies on your device permanently at any time.