Venice window shopping


If you've ever been to Venice, you know the shopping is mostly about Venetian masks and Murano glass products (if you haven't been, the beautiful Elegance in Exile exhibition is more than enough reason to go). In the past year little second hand, vintage and consignment shops – from cheap to very expensive – have ... Read more

Jane Doe: Belgrade's most inspiring vintage shop

A couple of months ago I found out about Jane Doe vintage shop browsing Serbian fashion forums and immediately made a mental note to check it out the next time I'm in Belgrade. A real vintage shop (stocking only items from before the 90s) in one of my favorite cities sounded incredibly promising; I believe ... Read more

Vintage shopping in Belgrade

I'm currently on my annual trip to Belgrade. Seeing approximately 99,99% of women sporting sky high heels when I've deliberately limited myself to flat shoes as I spend most of the day walking is less devastating than I thought it would be (I own nice heels too, you know?), maybe because my sneakers are covered ... Read more