15 exquisite historical fashion accessories

If you took the time machine to any period in our history, you'd discover a wealth of exquisite accessories. Moschino McDonald's handbags, you got nothing on these beauties: 1. Happy pantaloons Women's silk damask pantaloons, China, late 19th century (source)   2. Cherry stockings Cotton stockings, France, 1870 (source)   3. Think pink corset Silk ... Read more

Review: Made in London: Jewellery Now exhibition

Made in London Jewellery Now

Tucked in a corner in the basement of the gargantuan Museum of London, the Made in London: Jewellery Now exhibition presents creations by seven London-based indie jewellery designers: Jordan Askill, Husam el Odeh, Noemi Klein, Imogen Belfield, Duffy, Rachel Boston and Frances Wadsworth-Jones. Ring by Duffy The exhibition explores two major themes, nature and everyday ... Read more

New York, London, Athens

You wouldn't think of Athens as a hotbed of creativity watching anti-austerity protests on the news, but under the surface, young people are taking the best of the Old Greece to establish a culturally vibrant New Greece. Is art a way out of adversity? Headpieces by Melissanthi Spei Athens-born fashion artist Melissanthi Spei believes the ... Read more

Young Creatives: Percy Lau, jewellery designer

Since I moved to London, I've been receiving requests from my readers and friends to feature young, emerging London designers, so I'm starting a series of posts titled Young Creatives. Enjoy. Percy Lau is a BA Jewellery Design student at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Originally from China, Percy had excelled at ... Read more