H&M bracelet: Substitute for real shopping

Last Updated on January 30, 2013

H&M bracelet

I am saving money for my autumnal pilgrimages to fashion weeks (starting with New York), which calls for a moratorium on shopping extravagancies. This little H&M bracelet is a substitute for all the beautiful dresses and shoes that could (not) have been mine.

5 thoughts on “H&M bracelet: Substitute for real shopping”

  1. It's quite a lovely little bracelet, it just says "summer" :) Sometimes, I believe, in fashion, abstinence is the best way to find a way to a great style.

    • It's funny, I'm not even a jewelry person, but sometimes I'll find a piece that will just stick for a while. And I hope abstinence will help me find a way to a great style ... I need it for New York Fashion Week! :D


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