Elegance in Exile exhibition: Russian expat fashion

Elegance in exile exhibition

Last Updated on February 25, 2014 Last weekend I took a quick trip to Venice with my family to see the Elegance in Exile: Between fashion and costume, the time of Sergei Diaghilev (L'eleganza in esilio. Tra moda e costume, il tempo di Diaghilev) exhibition at Palazzo Mocenigo. The exhibition portrays the influence of Russian ... Read more

Why I didn't attend Slovenia Fashion Week

Carine Roitfeld by Tommy Ton

Last Updated on January 30, 2013 I owe an explanation to many of my Slovenian readers who have been asking me why I haven't published any reports from Slovenia Fashion Week. I wanted to attend fashion week, but I wasn't invited to the shows. I would have loved to cover them for Dressful the same ... Read more

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld Fall/Winter 2011/12 jackets

Afef Jnifen in Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld Fall Winter 2011 2012

Last Updated on October 25, 2011 The city is slowly sinking into depths of winter. In this chilly and monochromatic transitory period, it feels unseemly to wear my retractable winter coat. Despite low enough temperatures, to me, the emergence of long coats in the streets signifies November, Christmas lights they always put up too early, ... Read more

I Like My Style magazine: Picks of the season

I Like My Style

Last Updated on January 30, 2013 My favorite feature from the 6th issue of I Like My Style magazine. The pieces were selected by Ilikemystyle's fashion director James Valeri and photographed by Benjamin Fredrickson. I doubt the photos are real polaroids (too expensive nowadays! too much hassle with high-quality scanning! etc.), but they ooze that ... Read more