Porter Grey vermilion brogues

Last Updated on September 6, 2012


I took this photo at the Porter Grey Spring 2012 presentation at New York Fashion Week, thinking it would be just about the glaring vermilion brogues. It was only later, when I saw the photo on a big computer screen, that I noticed the tattoo (I like it when they don't cover up models' tattoos - it's more personal, suggesting the girls are not mere hangers for clothes) and the "x" marking the place where the model was supposed to stand.

Without these little tricks, fashion week presentations wouldn't be nearly as neat and ordered.

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5 thoughts on “Porter Grey vermilion brogues”

  1. I could totally use a pair of shoes like this. With a total black outfit - gorgeous.
    I'm wondering what the tattoo means.. :) Thanks for this great shot!

    • My thoughts exactly - I'm a big fan of all-black outfits spiced up with intense, bright accessories.

      I thought about asking what the tattoo means, but sadly I think it isn't visible entirely.

  2. Hi Eva!!
    I wanted to thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog, you really made my day <3

    I love love love these shoes (everything, from the shape to the color) and your photo is really beautiful!! The tattoo detail is indeed really nice .. It's a very delicate tattoo and the ones on the feel are among my favorite

    I send you a kiss!


    -The Red Dot-

  3. Everytime sitting at the fashion show we would be drawn by some details seemingly not-a-big-deal, but instead without noticing that it will cut down the fun to a certain extent.

  4. The material is a little too sharp. But I really like the bright red color with this kind of material.
    BTW, I love the tattoo on the model's foot too.


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