My favorite feature from the 6th issue of I Like My Style magazine. The pieces were selected by Ilikemystyle's fashion director James Valeri and photographed by Benjamin Fredrickson. I doubt the photos are real polaroids (too expensive nowadays! too much hassle with high-quality scanning! etc.), but they ooze that dreamy polaroid charm nevertheless.

I Like My Style Pierre Hardy suede open-toe ankle boot

If you ask me to give favorite shoe brands, Pierre Hardy will be the second or third I'll list, though my admiration of their shoes is still limited to fawning over photos online and in magazines. A few years ago, I found a gorgeous pair of midnight blue velvet Pierre Hardy sandals on sale at a ridiculously low price in Modena, Italy. They were half a size too small.
I will never forget them; I must've printed their photo and stuck it in my school notebooks for inspiration at least 10 times.

I Like My Style I Like My Style

Leather boots and paillette cap by Prada / Leather platform boot by Versus

Many women have told me they cannot get used to unusual heel shapes introduced this season.
I am sure the belief is only temporary. Heels need diversity too!

I Like My Style I Like My Style

Reed Krakoff handbag, Rick Owens suede and leather fingerless gloves / Bag by Marc Jacobs

Expensive bags and shoes as plant pots?
I've always thought flowers were among the most underrated accessories. If I had fabulous movie star-length hair instead of a coiffure that lays completely flat, I would wear pink, orange and yellow roses ... Without torns.

I Like My Style Heidi Lee Couture hat

Can you resist an umbrella construction hat?
Throw over a plastic overlay -- voila, you're safe and stylish in the rain.