La belle époque fashion in Paris: Illustrations and quotes

Le Journal des Dames et des Modes was a fashion periodical published in Paris in 1912-1914. Containing columns, poetic texts, illustrations and fashion reports, it was a reflection of the refined and optimistic Parisian society before the First World War. I am in love with the Journal's vibrant illustrations, some of which have luckily been ... Read more

Prada Men's Spring 2012: Golf parody

Prada Men's Spring Summer 2012

I've written about how I don't talk much about menswear on this blog, mostly because I want to learn about menswear properly before commenting on it, and maybe also because I find womenswear to be a liiiittle more exciting ... so leave it to me to fall in love with Prada Men's Spring/Summer 2012, a ... Read more

Miss Eva Ana

Miss Eva Ana

Meet Miss Eva Ana, my fellow blogger and the most exciting style icon I know right now. Ljubljana, my hometown, witnesses severe abuse of the term "style icon" on a daily basis. It gets attributed to every young lady toting "it" items and/or very basic outfits that one or another self-proclaimed "fashion critic" (i.e. sycophant) ... Read more

NTF: Modna revija Svetloba

NTF Modna revija Svetloba

Chronicles of last night: fashion design students' (from Ljubljana's Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering) show at Kino Šiška. An hour and 15 minutes long show is a show 45 minutes too long, but if it brings the uncondensed energy that comes with young people and their early work, who am I to complain? I ... Read more