NTF: Modna revija Svetloba

Last Updated on August 15, 2011

NTF Modna revija Svetloba

NTF Modna revija Svetloba

NTF Modna revija Svetloba

Chronicles of last night: fashion design students' (from Ljubljana's Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering) show at Kino Šiška. An hour and 15 minutes long show is a show 45 minutes too long, but if it brings the uncondensed energy that comes with young people and their early work, who am I to complain? I am so easily impressed with people who channel their energy into creating something beautiful, and yesterday was no exception.

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    • Precisely. I think it's because once you're out and fighting, you ultimately have to design clothes that sell, which might not always be the direct translation of your soul. When you're still in school, you're more free to be who you are.


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