15 exquisite historical fashion accessories

If you took the time machine to any period in our history, you'd discover a wealth of exquisite accessories. Moschino McDonald's handbags, you got nothing on these beauties: 1. Happy pantaloons Women's silk damask pantaloons, China, late 19th century (source)   2. Cherry stockings Cotton stockings, France, 1870 (source)   3. Think pink corset Silk ... Read more

La belle époque fashion in Paris: Illustrations and quotes

Le Journal des Dames et des Modes was a fashion periodical published in Paris in 1912-1914. Containing columns, poetic texts, illustrations and fashion reports, it was a reflection of the refined and optimistic Parisian society before the First World War. I am in love with the Journal's vibrant illustrations, some of which have luckily been ... Read more