Projekt Radar: A reflection

Projekt Radar Ana Ljubinkovic

1. Reflecting on Projekt Radar at a distance of an exam-ridden week, I'll remember it as a time capsule, so mellow I felt as if it all played out spontaneously one weekend at the crossroads of spring and summer, congregating everyone who belonged in Maribor Art Gallery's stately white rooms and outdoor café partly hidden ... Read more

Countdown to Projekt Radar

Projekt Radar: Nataša Hrupič

In the midst of academic chaos and Kant's Critique of Judgment, I will semi-forget about the most difficult exam of the semester next weekend, attending Projekt Radar in Maribor, Slovenia. Projekt Radar is a three-day fashion and art event organized by the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012 and Projekt27, which has previously co-produced Sens(n)ation ... Read more

Art dialog: Eva Domijan in Janja Videc


Verjameš v ustvarjalne žure? Mogoče bo humoreska, mogoče drama, vsekakor pa žur besed, idej in lepega. Na eni strani odra modna ustvarjalka Janja Videc, na drugi jaz, modna blogerka. Ne, ne bo STEREOtipov! Pridi, noter te spustimo brez kakršnekoli vstopnine. Vidimo se v sredo, 25. aprila, ob 19h v Kinu Šiška! //pofočkaj se na Facebooku// ... Read more

Venice window shopping


If you've ever been to Venice, you know the shopping is mostly about Venetian masks and Murano glass products (if you haven't been, the beautiful Elegance in Exile exhibition is more than enough reason to go). In the past year little second hand, vintage and consignment shops – from cheap to very expensive – have ... Read more