Outfit post: Wapping

The location is the most important accessory. This Wapping riverfront feels like the seaside. The only thing missing is the fresh saline smell. I've never felt more at home in London. Photos by Tjasa Kalamar. Dress and sandals: custom-made Belt: Jean Paul Gaultier Handbag: Marjeta Grošelj Please fill out my one-minute survey (5 short questions) ... Read more

Projekt Radar: A reflection

Projekt Radar Ana Ljubinkovic

1. Reflecting on Projekt Radar at a distance of an exam-ridden week, I'll remember it as a time capsule, so mellow I felt as if it all played out spontaneously one weekend at the crossroads of spring and summer, congregating everyone who belonged in Maribor Art Gallery's stately white rooms and outdoor café partly hidden ... Read more

Projekt Radar: Conceptual exhibition

Projekt Radar: JSP

JSP Before coming to Maribor for Projekt Radar I was thinking that the conceptual exhibition, showcasing looks by 22 Slovenian designers (all in white), would definitely be more art than fashion. The uniformity of white and absence of trends allow you to focus on shapes and ideas; it has never been easier for me to ... Read more

Sens(n)ation Maison Martin Margiela exhibition

Sensnation Maison Martin Margiela

    This morning I had the honor to be among the first guests of the Sens(n)ation exhibition showcasing a historic overview of Maison Martin Margiela's first line (défilé) collection from 1989 to 2011 (23 looks), as well as garments and accessories by renowned Slovenian designers. The exhibition, a joint effort of multibrand designer store Wolfova ... Read more

All-white summer fantasy

I've written about how excited I am to wear coral red in summer; for me, coral red is mostly a seasonal fascination, though I think it complements sailor chic and white and dark blue stripes like no other color and should therefore be in at all times. The one idea that inevitably does come back ... Read more