Summer in Koda 386

Last Updated on July 5, 2012


Koda 386

Searching for air-conditioned places when venturing through the city in midday sun becomes unbearable, I always end up surrounded with clothes. Remember how they always told you you shouldn't go out at all from 11am to 4pm in the summer? I'm trying to make up for the past two months into which I squeezed the entirety of my remaining university obligations so I was able to graduate early, therefore spending as much time inside as I did in May and June feels a terrible waste. The sand installation at Koda 386 painted that "beach, tan, cocktails" picture in my head, but so far the only tangible reminiscence of such bucolic estival joy seems to be Chanel Island on my nails. I wish you could purchase a regenerator not just for dry hair, but also for a tired mind.

4 thoughts on “Summer in Koda 386”

  1. Here in the UK there is no summer at all. It's been raining continuously and they say maybe, in August, we might get some nice days. So enjoy the summer while you still can ;)

    • It's difficult to enjoy summer in Ljubljana because temperatures go up to 38 degrees Celsius (my brother even saw 40 degrees one day on the temperature meter in his car), on top of that it's also very humid, which makes it all so much worse. Before this weather there were 2 months of rain and cold, it literally rained every day for 2 months. I'm not going to be surprised about this when I'm in London, but I was in Ljubljana. :P I'm at the seaside now and the proximity of the sea makes me much more optimistic though.


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