Stop promoting!

The Coveted at is a blog founded in 2007 by Jennine Jacob. Jennine is also the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers, the biggest online community for fashion bloggers. She's spent the last few years working like crazy on her brands. As a result, her blog and IFB are huge today and Jennine is incredibly ... Read more

Ode to Hermès Kelly Calèche

Hermes Kelly Caleche

Hermès Kelly Calèche is the perfume that resolved my fragrance identity crisis. Ever since I started wearing perfumes, I've constantly been trying to fit into the constraints of pretty fruity florals. You know, the heavily advertised perfumes you can smell in every corner, with description that somehow defines all women. I'm not a pretty fruity ... Read more

20 sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger

1. Wear Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots (this is a MUST). 2. Wear all your rings at the same time. It doesn't matter if they don't match your outfit. 3. Wear that Michael Kors oversized golden watch. 4. When you have no new outfit pictures, do a post showcasing your jewelry collection ... 5. ... or ... Read more

Faux business attire

Skirt & jacket: Stefanel / Belt: Marjeta Grošelj / Shirt: D&G I'll never be a businesswoman, but at least I can dress like one. The thought first crossed my mind last fall and resulted in buying this skirt and jacket in Trieste (the shirt I've had for years, it's a staple) soon thereafter. When I'm ... Read more