Faux business attire

Last Updated on September 28, 2011

Skirt & jacket: Stefanel / Belt: Marjeta Grošelj / Shirt: D&G

I'll never be a businesswoman, but at least I can dress like one. The thought first crossed my mind last fall and resulted in buying this skirt and jacket in Trieste (the shirt I've had for years, it's a staple) soon thereafter. When I'm in Trieste, I sometimes avoid Stefanel on purpose because they have too many great clothes. You can't take everything home, can you? #wishfulthinking

(Yes, I totally did just use a Twitter hashtag in a blog post!)

If you love clothes, it kind of sucks when you think up an awesome outfit that you can't wear anywhere because your lifestyle is so different. I jumped on the possibility last week when I accompanied my dad to a meeting. I was completely overdressed, but to be honest, that was the point.

The next step is to start wearing this to university (on the rare occasions when I actually show up).

P.S. Forgive me for looking like a zombie, exam season is starting to take its toll on me although officially it hasn't even started yet.

5 thoughts on “Faux business attire”

  1. I love the outfit and it suits you (pun intended :D ) I spent a lot of my time "power-dressing" and definitely it gives a sense of order and confidence, also the clean lines and monochromatic fabrics are quite figure flattering, but the working hours that go with it - not so much. If I have to choose my favourite style of dress, it would have to be thin silks and cotton knits of the summer (with Campari and coconut sunscreen accents) and warm, luxurious mohairs and cashmeres paired with warm cocoa and stretch jersey leggings for winter.
    What can I do, I am a Taurus, clothes I don't feel bad to lie down in will always be my favourite :))

    • See, recently I've been learning to accept the fact that I *can* lie down in some clothes and the world will not end because of it. :D I'm not even cautious only about the more expensive pieces but about practically everything I own.

      If I had to choose my favorite style of dress, I'd probably go crazy. It changes every day, but I suppose at 21 that's normal. In the last month I've often been thinking about buying some Adidas stuff to wear daily. I've never worn anything remotely like it before and it's not part of my "sartorial identity" at all.

      ... but then again, I'd probably have less trouble lying down et cetera in Adidas clothes than in what I already own. :O


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