Outfit video: Splashes of Orange

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_i3bsKgbpE[/youtube] Andreja and I shot my first outfit video yesterday in the freezing cold (the things friends do for you ... Thanks! :) ). I've been thinking about outfit videos (i.e. a new way to present your outfits on fashion blogs) for months. It took this long to start shooting because first I had to ... Read more

Lost in Manhattan

My latest odd fascination is watching videos and photos from the snowed-under New York: Bus stop on 3rd Avenue Times are hard for NYC fashionistas, no? I strongly believe that snow in cities should be banned without mercy, so here's a completely different editorial for a change. Warmer temperatures and great clothes. I lovelovelove the ... Read more

Salmon pink sales

I bought these pants yesterday on sale. Have you noticed sales are exceptionally good this year? Online stores are tossing promo codes and free shipping around like it's candy. If only that "generous" Christmas spirit extended to infinity and you could always get 20% off anything! These pants got me because of the color (it's ... Read more

Gone with the holidays

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it (this week). I hope your holidays are filled with joy and lots of delicious fatty food we usually restrain ourselves from. Let me know if Santa surprises you with a fashionable present! I've already experienced a Christmas miracle this morning when the Facebook Like button started ... Read more