Valentino: Master of Couture exhibition review

Valentino: Master of Couture

A freezing winter morning is the best time to have an exhibition to yourself. Crossing the strangely quiet and empty Somerset House courtyard (how lost it looks without the frenzy of fashion week …), I entered a maze leading to the river side of the building where they had hid the Valentino: Master of Couture ... Read more

Fragments: jewelry mecca for the contemporary woman

Jill Alberts cocktail ring

In the metropolitan hotchpotch of cultures and inspirations that is New York City, you need bold and clever accessories to stand out, be it in the morning commute crowd or at a gala dinner on the Upper East Side. But where do you find them? Fragments is a Manhattan-based boutique and online store offering a ... Read more

How bright is the future of fashion magazines?

Fantastic Man & The Gentlewoman

The question of online versus print is a constant hot issue with big newspapers closing their doors and moving on to digital editions. Is the future of fashion magazines looking any brighter? Fantastic Man and The Gentlewoman Is fashion publishing moving towards niche publications? In the fashion industry, the general consensus seems to be that ... Read more

January Notes


After a busy Christmas/New Year break I spent with my family hopping between Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, I'm getting back in the game in London for the second term of my MA Fashion Journalism course at London College of Fashion. My life here is happening so fast that I barely have time for introspection, let ... Read more

Miu Miu Platform Pumps: End of the Year Magic

Miu Miu platform pumps

In just a few years, Miu Miu grew up from Prada's little sister into a strong brand synonymous with quirkily feminine pumps and sandals that relish in editorial praise by all major fashion publications. The old year's whimsical (possibly snow-encrusted) magic struts hand in hand with these black suede and metallic Miu Miu platform pumps. ... Read more