January Notes


After a busy Christmas/New Year break I spent with my family hopping between Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, I'm getting back in the game in London for the second term of my MA Fashion Journalism course at London College of Fashion. My life here is happening so fast that I barely have time for introspection, let ... Read more

Visiting the LCF College Shop

College Shop - London College of Fashion

Today was my first proper day off in I don't know how long, so I grabbed my camera and headed off to Kingly Court to check out the College Shop. This pop-up shop sells clothes, accessories and illustrations by London College of Fashion students. Don't you think it's splendid that fashion illustration – an often ... Read more

Starting at London College of Fashion

After two weeks of inductions and introductory meetings my classes at London College of Fashion finally begin next Monday. I've somehow managed to miss all freshers events, but I did attend a great networking session with MA students of fashion photography, styling, fashion media production and fashion journalism (my course) yesterday. The session took place ... Read more

Pre-departure (dis)orientation

Yohji Yamamoto 1990 / Peter Lindbergh

With my departure for London just around the corner, the "Are you excited?" inquiries – the standard in almost every conversation since March – have all but subsided. My logic being that if I hadn't been excited about the big move and studying fashion journalism, I wouldn't have applied to London College of Fashion in ... Read more

London Calling


I got accepted to London College of Fashion to study MA Fashion Journalism two weeks ago. Since then I've been experiencing a burnout further intensified by seemingly endless pages of uni work. You can always choose a few different paths in life and all of them will be relatively good, but studying fashion journalism at ... Read more