Zoranu v spomin

zoran garevski

Jeseni 2010 sem si kupila Zoranovo sivo obleko z bolerom za zabavo ob začetku oddaje Supermodel Slovenije. Že nekaj časa sem pisala modni blog, a takrat nas “diletantov” še niso vabili na dogodke. Slovenska modna scena je (bila) takšna kot modne scene povsod po svetu — kot pariški saloni prejšnjega stoletja, kamor te je moral ... Read more

January Notes


After a busy Christmas/New Year break I spent with my family hopping between Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, I'm getting back in the game in London for the second term of my MA Fashion Journalism course at London College of Fashion. My life here is happening so fast that I barely have time for introspection, let ... Read more

Pre-departure (dis)orientation

Yohji Yamamoto 1990 / Peter Lindbergh

With my departure for London just around the corner, the "Are you excited?" inquiries – the standard in almost every conversation since March – have all but subsided. My logic being that if I hadn't been excited about the big move and studying fashion journalism, I wouldn't have applied to London College of Fashion in ... Read more

Long Live the Immaterial

Viktor & Rolf, "Long Live the Immaterial", Fall/Winter 2002/03

Viktor & Rolf, "Long Live the Immaterial", Fall/Winter 2002/03 Gone are the times when New York City and Yohji Yamamoto were a novelty, something unreachable. I have lost a good portion of my proverbial naivety, my notebook holding the words "I guess I'm no longer a dreamer". Perhaps the hibernation of poetic thoughts has sharpened ... Read more

Why do you blog?


I often talk about fashion blogging with people who once heard about bloggers who receive expensive clothes for free, launch their own lines and collaborations, fly business class, get paid €5000 per appearance and make millions in ad revenues (OK, I made that one up). While I love discussing fashion blogging, I don't love it ... Read more