Prada Men's Spring 2012: Golf parody

Prada Men's Spring Summer 2012

I've written about how I don't talk much about menswear on this blog, mostly because I want to learn about menswear properly before commenting on it, and maybe also because I find womenswear to be a liiiittle more exciting ... so leave it to me to fall in love with Prada Men's Spring/Summer 2012, a ... Read more

Miss Eva Ana

Miss Eva Ana

Meet Miss Eva Ana, my fellow blogger and the most exciting style icon I know right now. Ljubljana, my hometown, witnesses severe abuse of the term "style icon" on a daily basis. It gets attributed to every young lady toting "it" items and/or very basic outfits that one or another self-proclaimed "fashion critic" (i.e. sycophant) ... Read more

NTF: Modna revija Svetloba

NTF Modna revija Svetloba

Chronicles of last night: fashion design students' (from Ljubljana's Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering) show at Kino Šiška. An hour and 15 minutes long show is a show 45 minutes too long, but if it brings the uncondensed energy that comes with young people and their early work, who am I to complain? I ... Read more

May is for juxtapositions


May. The month when you want to blend with the increasingly hot asphalt, but you should be in your room, studying for your exams (irony: once you do start studying, the thought you have to read more than one hundred books encapsulates your lungs with steel power and your immune system collapses in a matter ... Read more

All-white summer fantasy

I've written about how excited I am to wear coral red in summer; for me, coral red is mostly a seasonal fascination, though I think it complements sailor chic and white and dark blue stripes like no other color and should therefore be in at all times. The one idea that inevitably does come back ... Read more