Faux business attire

Skirt & jacket: Stefanel / Belt: Marjeta Grošelj / Shirt: D&G I'll never be a businesswoman, but at least I can dress like one. The thought first crossed my mind last fall and resulted in buying this skirt and jacket in Trieste (the shirt I've had for years, it's a staple) soon thereafter. When I'm ... Read more

How I bought a tie with little elephants

Salvatore Ferragamo tie with little elephants

FLORENCE, ITALY I fell in love with Salvatore Ferragamo ties as a child in Florence. On my first visit to a Ferragamo store I discovered colorful silk foulards kept in sleek wooden drawers. I imagined myself wearing them years later, when I'd be grown up and a lady. We had nothing in common then, but ... Read more

Outfit video: Splashes of Orange

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_i3bsKgbpE[/youtube] Andreja and I shot my first outfit video yesterday in the freezing cold (the things friends do for you ... Thanks! :) ). I've been thinking about outfit videos (i.e. a new way to present your outfits on fashion blogs) for months. It took this long to start shooting because first I had to ... Read more