Outfit video: Splashes of Orange

Last Updated on January 30, 2013


Andreja and I shot my first outfit video yesterday in the freezing cold (the things friends do for you ... Thanks! :) ). I've been thinking about outfit videos (i.e. a new way to present your outfits on fashion blogs) for months. It took this long to start shooting because first I had to get a camera (it helps immensely if you want to do video).

After getting the camera I underwent a period of drawing tragicomic storyboards ("tragicomic" referring to my, well, tragicomic lack of drawing skills) and thinking about how to transform something that's usually static into un-static ... basically making everything you usually see in outfit photos move. Not easy. I studied filmmaking, but they definitely didn't teach us that in school.

Why would I steer away from the standard tried-and-true approach of taking outfit photos? Mostly because I wanted to try something new. I'm also interested to see how outfit photos compare to outfit videos once we'll have done more of them (it takes a while until your perspective becomes clear).

Although video is not very prominent in fashion blogging (yet?), I'm planning to shoot at least one video per week for Dressful now (not only outfit videos).

It should also be noted that I made a ton of mistakes during the shoot yesterday and learned so much to use in the future. Practice makes perfect!

In the video I'm wearing United Nude ankle boots, 'S Max Mara coat and Marjeta Grošelj bag.

20 thoughts on “Outfit video: Splashes of Orange”

  1. Many times just a simple outfit shot doesn't capture the full effect. Things can be so different in motion. I look forward to your videos. Those shoes are so punchy and fun.

  2. I was wondering what happened to the outfit photos. I missed them. But video seems interesting. Haven't seen it anywhere else.
    If I may, I would like to point out some things.1. don't look straight to the camera, 2. walk a bit slower that we can see the whole outfit, 3. in the shot that we see you for the first time you just rush through (I didn't now weather to watch the graffiti or the outfit).
    Don't get me wrong, loved the video, I'm a big supporter of your work, and this critic is entirely well meant.
    Also love the McQueen shoes, but they're moving so quickly, that they're a big distraction when writing a comment.
    And again, everything is well meant.

    P.S. I bought my first United Nude shoes when they first came to Slovenia and they where only sold in Cliché. I saw them in Elle magazine, I think, and I was so mesmerized by them, I rushed to the store next day and bought them a half size too small and in different color that I wanted them in. But I was happy anyway :).
    Like yours a lot.

    • You listed exactly the things I intend to improve. :) These are the kind of mistakes you can't really think about (or predict) until you see them in post-production, but I suppose that's normal for a first shoot. Thanks for your suggestions! And you know I know it was meant well.

      I didn't realize the shoes gif appeared right next to the comment box - its location depends on the length of each post and this one got unlucky. =)

      P.S. Going to reply to your email asap, so sorry about the delay!

      • Yes I see it now, I thought that the gif appears everytime, when one's writing a comment. I was just the lucky one :). Now I can't get the pink ones out of my head :).
        P.S. It's ok. I see you've been busy :) and the holidays and Sarmas :) ... completely understandable :).

  3. Awesome! Just as Susie Style Bubble was the first to do outift posts, maybe you'll be the first to do VIDEO outfit posts. Good for you for going toward the new frontier :) I'd suggest less or slower movement as you were kind of a blur.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! :) Like I wrote in a comment above, these are the kind of mistakes you can't really think about until you see them in post-production, but I know it now so I won't repeat it.

  4. Those are some gorgeous shoes! I love the video. That's a great idea. I haven't really seen many video "What I Wore" posts. Please do more!

  5. Love the video. I also noticed the same mistakes as Urška did (probably because of our academic discipline), but for the first time it is one great video :) as you said, we learn from mistakes and all the next ones will be better :)

    I am still exploring the video options on my new camera, but I think I have to take a lot of time to make a good video. And another thing - I think that in the time of so many pictures produced and seen every day, we remember videos much more than still images (but, just my opinion).

  6. I think it's a great idea and video format is becoming quite popular in the fashion world (showstudio influence I presume), so I guess you're ahead of the curve in bringing it to the blogging world. Also, L.O.V.E. your shoes ;)

  7. awww, bravo Eva! wonderful video! i love the idea of doing these, and i'm sure it will take fashion blogging by storm, and it's great to be among the first who are doing it.
    fabulous :))

  8. I have the same shoes, but in black, and with lower heels. I love how you let the accessories speak for themselves, it's a really fresh effect!

    It's the first time I see an outfit video, and can I just say I think it's a great idea? So much potential! How come you didn't do more?


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