Why do you blog?

Last Updated on April 24, 2012

I often talk about fashion blogging with people who once heard about bloggers who receive expensive clothes for free, launch their own lines and collaborations, fly business class, get paid €5000 per appearance and make millions in ad revenues (OK, I made that one up). While I love discussing fashion blogging, I don't love it when people think this kind of success is what every fashion blogger is aspiring to. Telling them I don't subscribe to the same blogging rationale leaves them in shock. They think something is wrong with me because surely I should be aiming to become a Famous Fashion Blogger, bathing in designer goods between paid flights to glamorous events all over the world.


There are as many reasons for having a fashion blog as there are fashion bloggers. The degree of monetization that allows the blogger a comfortable lifestyle (I'm vary of "luxurious" over "comfortable"; a blog is not an accurate representation of the blogger's life because it only shows what the blogger wants you to see) is widely regarded as the peak of fashion blogger success. However tempting it sounds, there are bloggers who would actually not be interested in dropping everything on the spot to become the next Famous Fashion Blogger for reasons such as being in school, having kids, enjoying their current job etc.

Why do I blog?

My motive for starting this blog was essentially what I've accomplished in the past year: 1. establishing myself as a relevant blogger and writer attending major fashion weeks and 2. being accepted to London College of Fashion to study fashion journalism. It was through blogging that I realized I want a career in international fashion. In order to land the kind of jobs and projects I'm interested in, I need to be physically present in one of the four fashion capitals. I have a blog, but nobody is going to hand me a career, let alone my dream job, over the internet because thousands of others have tried harder, moved to New York or London and relentlessly started working their way up the fashion ladder. In this industry trying harder often pays off better than being talented.

Though the purpose of this blog has been partly fulfilled with my acceptance to London College of Fashion, quitting blogging is not on my agenda. In fact, one of my dreams for Dressful has always been to publish exclusively original content (photos and writing). I think that's the number one thing a quality blog should have. I don't post outfit or street style photos, so creating original content that fits the theme of this blog constantly is only possible in a city with a huge fashion scene and many events. Therefore the fulfilled blogging purpose opened the door to a new purpose. Let's hope London will be everything it's cracked up to be and more.

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  1. Wow, I love you for making this post. I find it really annoying when people do exactly what you described, and when going to showrooms and getting all your clothes for free is thought to be the ultimate goal. Also, when talking about bloggers who mainly post outfits, I actually find them less inspiring after they get sponsored, because I can't really relate myself to them anymore - there's a difference between creating outfits from clothes you had to earn the money for and between using things you got for free...
    And I'm happy you're not thinking about quitting blogging. ^^

  2. After many years of my early adulthood was spent doing "what needed to be done", I decided to try to do what I love. Though the going has been rough, it has been immensely fulfilling. I've finally gotten my little vintage shop on it's feet and have begun blogging about my absolute love affair with searching out fashion treasure. The reason I blog is to be good to myself. It's something I enjoy, and an art form I have yet to master.

  3. Brilliant post - I think it's easy to see when bloggers are in it for something else - their content just isn't up to scratch. I think original content is essential to defining your blog, as it is ultimately about expressing yourself - showing off who you are, what you like/dislike - that's what makes an interesting blog, be it about fashion, cooking, photography etc. x

  4. Fantastic post.

    It's even worse to talk to people who have never heard of fashion blogging before, though. People that think fashion blogs are for egocentric girls who think they're so pretty Facebook likes simply aren't enough and need their own domain to share photos of themselves. I'm almost happy when people (*cough* grand mother *cough*) think I'm doing it for money. It does makes sitting on couch with laptop in my lap seem productive in her eyes...

    I'm so happy for you getting into London College of Fashion! Congratulations, again! :)

  5. I think it also depends how successful you want to become. I mean I live in Toronto, so I'm not living in a fashion capital, but I'm also definitely not ready to move to a different country to pursue a career in fashion. I also don't have the money to do it either, same with attending fashion weeks. You're lucky you have a chance to move to London and work up from there, but some of us have to start at the very very bottom. Anyways, my point is that I don't necessarily want to be one of those Paris fashion week attending people, and even if my blog gets very few comments, I do it for myself, not to gain money or free products.

  6. Honestly I don't usually read articles no matter the topic , but this one was so good because that's all people think bloggers want to do is become famous . Every person has a different reason . Like for me I plan on pursuing fashion merchandising and I feel like my blog allows me to study what's trending not only in America bit around the world . It's also a great way to get connections as far as needing recommendations etc.

  7. Hey beautiful! Just came across your blog and I absolutely love it!
    The pictures, the content, everything is beautiful!
    I especially love this post about your motivation to start blogging and your personal touch on the subject!
    I'm a new fashion blogger and this is so inspiring, so thank you for sharing!
    Best of luck with everything! xx


  8. Ok, it's official I love you, I'm a new blogger who just stumbled on your blog and I like the realness, finally someone that says out what I'm thinking. I have come across bloggers on twitter being hard, aggressive and brown nosing their way to fabulosity. Would love for you to visit my blog and critic it.

  9. It is exactly how I feel about London.I am from Greece but I live in London the last 3 years now because indeed this city is the metropolis of fashion and culture right now and the place you should be to be inspired and updated...I really like your blog and your way of writing, I haven't found my exact purpose of blogging yet, (ok apart from the fact that while I was studying Law I was daydreaming wandering around fashion magazines and catwalks) but your articles are reeeally helpful...thank you!


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