Gone with the holidays

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it (this week). I hope your holidays are filled with joy and lots of delicious fatty food we usually restrain ourselves from. Let me know if Santa surprises you with a fashionable present! I've already experienced a Christmas miracle this morning when the Facebook Like button started ... Read more

Winter in October

I'm back at university and only dress well every other day, which (in my book) equals laziness. I'm wearing sneakers covered with black sequins (I've only had them since September, but I wear them so often that they already look like I need another pair), high heels that don't kill my feet, black high-waisted skirt ... Read more

Venice street style: owned by old French ladies

This enticing French lady crossed my way near Punta della Dogana in Venice last week. Even from a distance her outfit looked unmistakably different from standard tourist get-up; if it weren't for the map in her hand and one bag too many, she'd be able to pass for a Venetian native. Immaculately coordinated colors are ... Read more