Outfit video: Splashes of Orange

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_i3bsKgbpE[/youtube] Andreja and I shot my first outfit video yesterday in the freezing cold (the things friends do for you ... Thanks! :) ). I've been thinking about outfit videos (i.e. a new way to present your outfits on fashion blogs) for months. It took this long to start shooting because first I had to ... Read more

Salmon pink sales

I bought these pants yesterday on sale. Have you noticed sales are exceptionally good this year? Online stores are tossing promo codes and free shipping around like it's candy. If only that "generous" Christmas spirit extended to infinity and you could always get 20% off anything! These pants got me because of the color (it's ... Read more

Shoes for stories, shoes for dreams

One of my dearest pairs of Emporio Armani shoes that I've put out of its box after a months-long pause. This means winter is here. They're the kind of shoes that don't fully exist in any other season, anyway. Old flames versus new stories. Who knows what they'll bring me this December? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyDrKqVrZB0[/youtube] If you ... Read more