'S Max Mara retractable coat (video)

Last Updated on March 28, 2014


Meet my coat that fits into its own small bag (first introduced in this post)! When I tried it on in the store in Trieste, I wasn't yet aware how incredibly useful I'd find this perk later on. My uni suffers from severe lack of space for students, which means you can put your coat either in your lap or over the back of your chair during class. As I like to take good care of my clothes, I find neither option particularly appealing. However, after packing the coat into the bag I can simply put it under my desk without worrying it'll get ruined. This practical invention saves me a lot of nerves plus the coat itself is marvelous as well.

6 thoughts on “'S Max Mara retractable coat (video)”

  1. I love that about my coat too (from Weeknd) and it fits in a small bag too. Wohoo :)
    This year I oppened the bag, it popped out and I said, well hello winter. And I found a coin in a pocket. Don't remember if put it there on purpose though; I do that some time.


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