Dressful is going to celebrate its half-birthday one of these days. To complement this merry occasion, here's a collection of the posts you've liked the best so far. I'd like to say huge thanks to those of you who share my posts on Facebook and Twitter. This blog wouldn't be where it is today without you. The same goes for everyone who takes the time to leave me great comments. Thank you!

10 best posts in Dressful's first 6 months:

  1. 20 sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger :: 20 funniest fashion blogger cliches from Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots to photographer boyfriends!
  2. Franca Sozzani trashes fashion bloggers - or does she? :: My reply to Franca Sozzani's article in which she compares fashion bloggers to diseases.
  3. 10 easy tips to promote your fashion blog and get more followers :: How can you effectively promote your fashion blog and get more followers? Check out these easy 10 tips!
  4. Fashion blogs and self-promotion: How much is too much? :: Many fashion bloggers are resorting to aggressive self-promotion to get more visitors. Does it pay off in the long run?
  5. Vogue India racism: Only light skin is beautiful! :: Vogue India promotes an extremely narrow standard of female beauty - light skin is a must!
  6. 10 most desirable shoes from Spring/Summer 2011 runways :: List of the 10 most desirable shoes from Spring/Summer 2011 fashion weeks.
  7. Anna Dello Russo: How fashion blogs made her a style icon :: Anna Dello Russo became incredibly popular because of the fashion blogging revolution. Find out how she won the hearts of the most influential fashion bloggers!
  8. Jane Doe: Belgrade's most inspiring vintage shop :: Jane Doe vintage shop's cozy atmosphere, great selection of items and lavish decoration set an example for all other vintage stores.
  9. How I bought a tie with little elephants :: I fell in love with Salvatore Ferragamo ties as a child in Florence, but it wasn't until many years later that I finally bought one.
  10. Fashion is art, not trivial! :: Fashion isn't frivolous; it functions on the very same principles as "traditional" art forms.
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