Anna Wintour wishes you happy Valentine's Day

Last Updated on September 28, 2011

Are you single? Are you bitter about Valentine's Day? Do the excessive hype around Valentine's Day and the stress of being single force you into retail therapy? Chocolate? Alcohol? Drugs? Even if your answer to these questions is no (lucky you), I think you'll enjoy the following words of wisdom enhanced by portraits of the one and only Anna Wintour:

Anna Wintour Valentine's Day

Anna Wintour Valentine's Day

Don't you love the kitschy decoration? It's the very essence of Valentine's Day. A staple!

3 thoughts on “Anna Wintour wishes you happy Valentine's Day”

  1. So cute. I do love the woman. Valentine's is sort of meaningless to me because I'm (Happily) single. I did get a nice, touching surprise when my daughter presented me with a card I wasn't expecting. That's the best kind of Valentine I could ask for.


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