15 more sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger

To celebrate 100 followers on Bloglovin (thank you!), I've written a continuation of one of Dressful's most popular posts: 20 sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger. 1. Be model pretty. 2. ... Better yet, be a model. 3. Stand pigeon-toed in outfit photos and pose with your head tilted at a 45 degree ... Read more

Tavi Gevinson (Style Rookie): Disenchanted with fashion?

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson (Style Rookie) has recently written a great post describing her disenchantment with the fashion industry. For those who don't know, Tavi is the epitome of fashion blogger success - she's sat front row at fashion weeks, collaborated with Rodarte, interviewed John Galliano in Paris, written for Harper's Bazaar etc. - and she's only ... Read more

Do fashion bloggers care about anything else but clothes?

Daphne Guinness, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld

Post title inspired by Stylebizarre. If you're seriously into fashion, I bet my left arm people who feel more passionate about seemingly less ephemeral things have asked you more than once why of all things on this Earth the subject of your passion is fashion. Fashion is trivial, there are other things much more important ... Read more

How to know what content is perfect for your blog

... explained on an example aka my "video about how I didn't make a video": [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT1el7rMZdA[/youtube] What did I learn from my failed video book review that can be useful for you too? If you're a blogger and you don't really feel a connection with what you want to blog about, you probably won't be ... Read more

10 best posts in Dressful's first 6 months

Dressful is going to celebrate its half-birthday one of these days. To complement this merry occasion, here's a collection of the posts you've liked the best so far. I'd like to say huge thanks to those of you who share my posts on Facebook and Twitter. This blog wouldn't be where it is today without ... Read more