Post title inspired by Stylebizarre.

If you're seriously into fashion, I bet my left arm people who feel more passionate about seemingly less ephemeral things have asked you more than once why of all things on this Earth the subject of your passion is fashion. Fashion is trivial, there are other things much more important than clothes and models and magazines, can't you find something more important to do in life?

Daphne Guinness, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld

Daphne Guinness, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld: Three people who live for fashion

Yes, fashion is vain, it cannot be anything else but vain because it focuses almost solely on appearance, making it ever so easy to reach prejudiced conclusions about us who have at one point in our lives realized fashion is it, accelerates our heartbeat and gives us that sense of belonging we yearn for so much, just like someone else decides to devote their life to helping others and become a doctor. We all have to find that one thing that makes us feel complete.

In fashion, bloggers often face prejudices because there are still many fashion people (gatekeepers) out there who believe we, mostly lacking formal fashion education and industry experience, don't know enough about fashion to comment on it, that we get too much attention (and, ultimately, business deals and $$$, which I guess hurts the most) for the "fluff" and narcissism we share with the world. They judge us personally for it - judge us on the basis of our fashion blogs. Ridiculous.

It's not just fashion people, though. People in general are often unable to make the distinction between our complete personality and what we choose to share online.

Whenever I find myself in the midst of such a scenario with someone, I can only say:

I am not my blog.

Fashion is a huge part of my life, but it's not the only thing I'm interested in. When I meet someone who knows me from the blog, they're mostly very surprised I'm studying literature and not something fashion-related (my fancy literature degree will come in real handy in 2 years when I'll be getting a fashion journalism MA in London though). Apart from fashion and blogging, I also like to see my friends, travel, go to classical music concerts, dabble in photography etc.

Before I became a fashion blogger, I wanted to be a film director (since I was 13) and spent some time studying filmmaking in NYC in 2008. I also played the violin from age 6 to 17, most of that time we all thought I'd go on to study it at uni and become a professional musician. I did competitions and concerts and who knows, maybe I'd still be on that path today if it weren't for my left shoulder that was constantly in pain. All this (and more) is a part of my life and personality, not only fashion.

Another common misconception people have about me as a fashion blogger is that I won't like them because they don't care about fashion or dress fashionably. There are instances when I too care less about fashion or don't dress fashionably, and I'm sure the same goes for every other fashion blogger because - to answer the question in the title of this post - we do care about other things than clothes too.

Our interest in fashion, although fashion might be what we're the most passionate about, doesn't automatically mean we think fashion is the only important thing in the world. Recently the fashion blogging community responded to the events in Japan by organizing For Japan With Love, which raised a ton of money. Here's the catch: FJWL is a public call to action that everyone can see. How many bloggers helped Japan, only they never mentioned it online? We'll never know.

This is one of many examples illustrating you can't know what someone is really like solely from their online presence. If not before, you're bound to reach the same conclusion when you meet your favorite fashion blogger in person. Chances are we're going to talk about everything but fashion!