Daphne Guinness on personal style

daphne guinness

“I can never plan an outfit. I just don’t know until I’m going out the door. I get it wrong about 60% of the time. But it’s OK to make mistakes. I don’t do event dressing, because every day is an event. I don’t follow fashion, and I don’t read fashion magazines. I love anything ... Read more

Review: Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition

Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow, the British style icon, fashion editor, talent spotter and muse who died by suicide in 2007 aged 48, is remembered as one of the last true fashion eccentrics, having donned traffic-stopping ensembles before it became a street style norm and social media popularity contest. Isabella Blow at fashion week, shot by Bill Cunningham ... Read more

Do fashion bloggers care about anything else but clothes?

Daphne Guinness, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld

Post title inspired by Stylebizarre. If you're seriously into fashion, I bet my left arm people who feel more passionate about seemingly less ephemeral things have asked you more than once why of all things on this Earth the subject of your passion is fashion. Fashion is trivial, there are other things much more important ... Read more