Venice street style: owned by old French ladies

Last Updated on September 21, 2010

French lady in Venice

This enticing French lady crossed my way near Punta della Dogana in Venice last week. Even from a distance her outfit looked unmistakably different from standard tourist get-up; if it weren't for the map in her hand and one bag too many, she'd be able to pass for a Venetian native. Immaculately coordinated colors are a pillar of French chic (whether it truly exists or it's just a very rough generalization heavily dependent on time and place remains in the eye of the beholder), but that can sometimes be a bit dull, no matter how French and chic you may be. I really like how she spiced up the overall congruence with the color- and pattern-rich little bag/pouch. A very comfortable outfit for walking around Venice from dawn till dusk, but by no means lazy.

How do I know this lady is a French tourist? The day after I had taken this photo, I spotted her at the Doge's palace, chatting with friends in a dimmed, stately room. She wore the same outfit. Venice is strewn with such coincidences, but very rarely do they happen twice. This is definitely one to remember!

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  2. this is such a great photograph!!!
    ps: my self portrait was from last year, when i still had the fringe and before all went bad...but. I do look different, now. more careless, more naive, isn't that such a paradox?


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