4 things I learned at Milan Fashion Week

Last Updated on February 4, 2012

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1. If you're in town during fashion week, you won't escape fashion week. Bumping into masses of people coming from shows is practically unavoidable no matter where you are. I promise this will happen to you even if you're not interested in fashion week and try to stay away from it as much as possible.

2. Some people dress eccentrically and hang around the shows to get noticed (without actually going to shows). It makes for a pretty awkward situation when they look at you and your camera because they want you to take their photo and it's so obvious. The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil phenomenon gone bizarre, I guess.

3. Every part of your body will feel the consequences of bringing heavy photo equipment to shows. This is why nobody ever does it (except me). By the way, my left shoulder is still bruised.

4. Taking a taxi is not the quickest way to get from one show to another. It might actually be the slowest. This is because the VIPs are taking taxis/chauffeured cars and they're all going in the same direction - the next show. The streets clog up in a matter of seconds. Taking the metro seems to be the best option in Milan (especially because Milan traffic is insane even without jams - it's best to skip it altogether).

Eva at Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011/2012
Me outside the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show

8 thoughts on “4 things I learned at Milan Fashion Week”

  1. all very useful advice :) the heavy photo equipment problem is unfortunately unavoidable for any photographer. all my holidays are structured around lugging the equipment around then giving up the idea of taking pictures because I just can't take the burden :D
    interesting point about the Metro though :nod:


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