Santa Maria Novella: Fragrances and stories

Santa Maria Novella perfume

I. PROLOGUE My family is crazy about fragrances, they're our souvenirs of sorts because when we travel, we always end up bringing home a new perfume, whether we planned it or not (you can barely get non-mainstream fragrance lines in Slovenia, even Hermès is tough call. Luckily Trieste and the wonderful Essenze shop that's bound ... Read more

Venice street style: owned by old French ladies

This enticing French lady crossed my way near Punta della Dogana in Venice last week. Even from a distance her outfit looked unmistakably different from standard tourist get-up; if it weren't for the map in her hand and one bag too many, she'd be able to pass for a Venetian native. Immaculately coordinated colors are ... Read more

Pointy Prada pumps for Fall 2010

The general consensus of fashionistas mourning the fact that round toes are slowly gravitating towards their demise is that Miuccia was the only one who did pointy right this season. I spotted these now already canonized pumps at Prada's store in Venice last weekend; although they initially seemed restricting and conservative when I saw them ... Read more