This week in fashion #4

burberry autumn winter 2014 london map scarf

Breaking news Fendi Autumn/Winter 2014 was the first catwalk show ever to have been filmed by drones. While technologically exciting, I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for the audience and models — as if the multitude of iPads and camera flashes blocking and blinding people's view wasn't annoying enough. * The ninth ... Read more

Moschino umbrellas: Cheering you up in style

Moschino umbrella

Along with wallets, which I've discussed in the previous post, umbrellas are the most often neglected element of great personal style. If you live in a place with lots of rain, an umbrella becomes an integral part of your outfit. It's worth investing into one that does your look justice and cheers you up when ... Read more

Moschino gloves giveaway results

Ana Goncalves (comment no. 105) is the winner of the Moschino gloves giveaway. Congratulations! I'll send you the gloves as soon as possible. The number of total giveaway entries truly blew me away this time.  Thanks to everyone else who participated! :)