Stephen Jones Millinery Salon

Stephen Jones headpiece

In the midst of colourful Christmas-time shops overflowing with decorations, each window of Stephen Jones' millinery salon in Covent Garden displays only two hats against white background. In the left window sits a ladies headpiece made of what is best described as cerulean blue leafs reaching up to the sky. It's so extraordinary that even ... Read more

Pre-departure (dis)orientation

Yohji Yamamoto 1990 / Peter Lindbergh

With my departure for London just around the corner, the "Are you excited?" inquiries – the standard in almost every conversation since March – have all but subsided. My logic being that if I hadn't been excited about the big move and studying fashion journalism, I wouldn't have applied to London College of Fashion in ... Read more

London Calling


I got accepted to London College of Fashion to study MA Fashion Journalism two weeks ago. Since then I've been experiencing a burnout further intensified by seemingly endless pages of uni work. You can always choose a few different paths in life and all of them will be relatively good, but studying fashion journalism at ... Read more