Book review: Paris Sketchbook

You need to look no further than fashionistas' endless Instagram streams of Ladurée macarons and Pinterest photos of bright, high-ceiling apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower to conclude that Paris is one of fashion's favourite clichés. I've embraced it myself too since I moved to London; as legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland once ... Read more

New York, London, Athens

You wouldn't think of Athens as a hotbed of creativity watching anti-austerity protests on the news, but under the surface, young people are taking the best of the Old Greece to establish a culturally vibrant New Greece. Is art a way out of adversity? Headpieces by Melissanthi Spei Athens-born fashion artist Melissanthi Spei believes the ... Read more

Review: Ashish Autumn/Winter 2013 show

The invitation to Ashish's Autumn/Winter 2013 show at London Fashion Week showed an image of workers on a construction site. Sometimes fashion show invitations act as a sneak peek into the collection, and sometimes they're completely abstract, but the photo on Ashish's invitation was as far from catwalk glamour as you could imagine. Or so ... Read more

Review: Eudon Choi Autumn/Winter 2013 show

Eudon Choi Autumn Winter 2013

Korean-born designer Eudon Choi turned to Russian folklore for the inspiration for his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, mysteriously titled Varykino. Playful folkloric elements such as peasant blouses, vivacious oversized babushkas by milliner Piers Atkinson, and wide calf-length skirts were toned down by sombre black leather and heavy brocade. Several black ensembles were festooned with a mix ... Read more