1. Do I write about
what you want to read

- or -

what I want to read?

Is it a waste of cyberspace and effort if you don't find it interesting?

... what do you find interesting?


Source: tumblr.com via Eva on Pinterest



2. Can I be critical and sharp
or will it be considered unprofessional?
Will I alienate people who could potentially be interested in working with me?
A self-inflicted ban from shows at fashion weeks?
(critical and sharp as in "well-meant and argumented criticism"; I'm not interested in other kinds.)


... do i want to be perceived as critical and sharp ... ?
... am i critical and sharp ... ?


You take criticism in no way related to you as a threat I'll criticize you in the future.



when we could collaborate and complement each other instead.


I know this is about your frustration,
not whatever inferiority you accuse me of because I'm a blogger.
This way it only damages you, not me.




3. fashion-wise ;

2. What catches my attention?
1. What deserves my time?


a future fashion journalism postgraduate student should answer this off the top of her head
to excel in motivation letters and interviews
display a brilliant, refined taste and knowledge


New York Fashion Week will be an exercise on setting priorities.

... will i be able to answer these questions then?