The Tale of a Fashion Blogger

Last Updated on February 5, 2015

1. Do I write about
what you want to read

- or -

what I want to read?

Is it a waste of cyberspace and effort if you don't find it interesting?

... what do you find interesting?


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2. Can I be critical and sharp
or will it be considered unprofessional?
Will I alienate people who could potentially be interested in working with me?
A self-inflicted ban from shows at fashion weeks?
(critical and sharp as in "well-meant and argumented criticism"; I'm not interested in other kinds.)


... do i want to be perceived as critical and sharp ... ?
... am i critical and sharp ... ?


You take criticism in no way related to you as a threat I'll criticize you in the future.



when we could collaborate and complement each other instead.


I know this is about your frustration,
not whatever inferiority you accuse me of because I'm a blogger.
This way it only damages you, not me.




3. fashion-wise ;

2. What catches my attention?
1. What deserves my time?


a future fashion journalism postgraduate student should answer this off the top of her head
to excel in motivation letters and interviews
display a brilliant, refined taste and knowledge


New York Fashion Week will be an exercise on setting priorities.

... will i be able to answer these questions then?



17 thoughts on “The Tale of a Fashion Blogger”

  1. I think it should be mostly about what you would like to read because there is too many blogs only focused on ways that will bring the biggest audience.
    Also, if constructive criticism is viewed as a threat by the brands than they're probably not worth your time.
    Sharpness is what the internet needs. We're oversaturated with generic informations about fashion and I love to hear your opinion. I believe it's the same with brands that invite you to their shows.
    Have fun at fashion weeks!

    • The above wasn't so much directed at fashion houses than at people who for some mysterious reason think they're more entitled to my blogging-related "privileges" than me (though they haven't done anything to earn these privileges) and as a result will try to "block" me in one way or another whenever they can. Luckily the nature of my work (and the fashion circles I'm interested in) is such that I don't depend on these people at all so their actions have no serious effect. But it annoys me to even think about why they bother.

  2. eva, boljša kot boš, več bo tistih, ki to niso (in se tega hudičevo dobro zavedajo, na zavestnem ali podzavestnem nivoju;)) vsem ne moremo biti všeč, sploh, če izstopamo in ti Izstopaš. Go bejbi, GOOOOOOO!!!!

    • Hvala za spodbudo :) Že pred časom sem se sprijaznila s tem, da ne morem biti vsem všeč, in pravzaprav niti ne želim biti vsem všeč. Ne razumem pa misli in manevrov nekaterih posameznikov, saj s svojim obstojem in delom nikomur ne povzročam škode in zaradi mene ni nihče za nič prikrajšan.

  3. Hi,

    I have come across your blog a while ago, and it is very interesting and I am looking forward to read more from you. I find your writing inspiring, critical, refreshing, with content that has depth and quality. Especially nowadays it is sometimes hard to differentiate what is good and what is not, as we are so overwhelmed with information. The best quote on this topic to my opinion is the one by John Naisbitt who said: "We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge." I prefer posts and content with valid commentary than generic ones, so keep up the good work!
    Also, I believe that you have a great career in front of you and I wish you all the best on NYFW.

    • Thank you, Danielle. I actually read your post when it was published and found it refreshing in the sea of "survival tips". You have a wonderful perspective. I'll try to make the best of NYFW.

  4. I read Dressful (and recommend it to others) precisely because you have a unique and clear voice. You don't just go along with anything coming your way. You display an intelligence I often miss on other blogs. They usually just reblog, while you present us with your own perspective. I think blogging is the perfect platform to be sharp and critical. It's a dilemma we encounter in all levels of professionality - honesty or getting along with everyone? Only the brave speak their mind. It is a question of integrity, and a continual balancing exercise. The question reminds me very much of the Bill Cunningham documentary you wrote about. I wouldn't go as far as refusing even a glass of water, but I find his independence refreshing and inspirational.

    • This is exactly what I thought watching that scene - I *would* have taken a glass of water, otherwise you get dehydrated working hard!

      I appreciate so much that you and others (also people who emailed me about this or talked to me offline) have encouraged me to speak my mind; so many readers are willing to fall in love with generic these days, but (thankfully) they are not my readers.

  5. It's interesting that you might be worried about being overly critical, I think your sharpness is just about right. It's not insulting at all, yet you stand your ground. Also, to me it seems that you do have a point, you're not just "kidding around", so there's nothing wrong with that, I think. And you don't come across as egocentric, which is very nice, it's pretty clear you don't criticize in order to make yourself look better.

    • You're right -- objectively speaking, there is nothing wrong with (constructive) criticism, but many people overreact even when you weren't offensive at all. Thank you for the nice words!

  6. Na žalost do tega ne prihaja samo v blogerskem svetu, ampak tudi poslovnem... zakaj bi držali skupaj in naredili boljše, če se pa lahko pobijemo med sabo in preživi le najbolj zvit? Delaj to kar delaš najboljše in ne sekiraj se zaradi zlobnih jezikov drugih, tvoja skrb in strah sta njihova hrana. Piši tisto o čemer bi ti rada brala in izrazi svoje mnenje sej gre za tvoj blog. Ne verjamem pa da te zaradi tega dizajnerji ne bi vabili na svoje fashion showe, prej nasprotno.

  7. I say write about whatever fascinates you. Your readers are here for the interesting content. I believe the quality of it comes from the passion you have in what you do.


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