Immune to beauty

Last Updated on January 18, 2012

In the deluge of fashion visuals available online, I feel that I'm slowly becoming immune to beauty. What I'd rip out of a magazine in some past life to store in a plastic "inspiration" folder, mesmerized by colors, composition and garments, is now just another photo among the hundreds I scroll through on my Tumblr dashboard (it's most likely uncredited too, so I don't even know who took it).

Girls don't rip out magazine pages any more. They make inspiration posts on their blogs.


"You're very beautiful, I think you should dress more relaxed."

The white silk collared shirt inspires me because I finally trust myself that I wouldn't stain or otherwise destroy it upon first wearing. Let's see if an appropriate one finds me in the near future.

I like to think these two photos were taken at fashion week. They're a close representation of my own imaginary glamorous fashion week attire; "imaginary" because I'm there to work, not look pretty. Fashion week is the best occasion to look pretty though, and if you're into looking pretty, you should really save the best of it for fashion week.

8 thoughts on “Immune to beauty”

  1. I still rip out magazine pages and store them in a plastic inspiration folders.
    It's still hard for me to find something I fall in love with instantly. We've seen it all, so when something really special comes along it has to be foldered. Otherwise I would get lost in virtual world of fashion.

  2. the first paragraph sums up "the problem" perfectly. indeed, the interwebz are oversaturated with more or less interesting (and often repetitive) fashion/style imagery. does that raise the bar, make us more selective? I'm not sure. it does happen though that I browse through the older images in my "inspiration folder" (guilty of having one, it's just not named that) and I stumble on some that make me wonder why I had felt compelled to save them (of course, I go all delete-happy on them). but that could also be attributed to other factors, I guess ...

    as far as "inspiration posts" go, I normally find them anything but inspiring (=they bore the living crap out of me). I gotta toot my own horn here a little and post one of my fave inspiration posts ever (by myself):

  3. It's so hard to find true inspiration any more. Everything is just a repeat of something else. But I suppose that's the business of fashion. I've found your blog when we were both featured on IFB this week. I'm really enjoying it and am now following via Twitter.

  4. I think that the main modern society problem is information oversaturation. Same goes for fashion blogs, and internet in general, the "inspirational" photos are overused and we get tired of them. A pretty photo is just one more photo to add to an endless scroll of Tumblr reblogs.

    Magazines are old news a month after they're out and keeping pages in folders would be nonsense because we, of course, need to change our whole wardrobe every six months. *sarcasm*

    Basically, this is yet another perfect post on your blog. Have fun at fashion week and I hope you get to enjoy wearing some pretty clothes too. You deserve a chance to really dress up. It's fashion week after all :)

  5. I actually both rip out magazine pages and store downloaded images from runways or street snaps. It makes it much easier to find the "really awesome dress I definitely saw someplace a month ago". I guess that even as a laic, I'm still such a newcomer to the world of fashion that I'm in awe in front of everything fashion related, so my "inspiration" folders both IRL and in my PC's memory are full of pictures. But of course, I throw away things I saved as a teenager, because looking at them now, it's just so tacky and average. I wonder if I'll think the same ten years from now about what I like at this moment, but hopefully not...

  6. Zbilja. sjećam se i ja kako sam prije skupljala te ediorijale iz novina, a danas kad je to sve mahom dostupno na netu, ne sjećam se kada sam zadnji puta to učinila. I mogu ti reći da me strašno iznervira kad na tumblr-u i sličnima nađem fotke nekreditirane, ili još gore prepoznam ih s nečijeg sajta, a ono autor potpisan sasvim drugi. Ne sviđa mi se taj lopovluk i izigravanje nekog i nečeg što nisi nikako... ali bit će da su to neki novi klinci koji još moraju puuuno toga naučiti. Mođda da počnu od spremanja editorijala u papirnatom obliku :)

  7. I'm not sure if I've become 'immune to beauty' but I'm definitely conscious of fashion saturation. I used to consume so much information whether websites or magazines but now I try to be more selective and slow. You've definitely given me something to think about.

  8. absolutely love this picture of miranda kerr. I posted it on my blog awhile back too.

    I definately "heart" and reblog everything but I rarely go back and see what it is that I've liked. we are so innundated by information its hard to sort out everything that we see when everythign is coming at us 100MPH


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