Intermezzo: The overwhelming world of fashion and change

Last Updated on September 28, 2011

At Mojca Makuc, Gregorčičeva, Ljubljana

The world of fashion thrives on change. The opposite can be said for my personal fashion world.

When I was about 15, I noted in my moleskine (it was when moleskines were just becoming cool, not that I harbor too much resentment when what I'm into becomes mainstream though) that I liked my clothes and accessories to be eccentric, cute and practical. I've since worn a fair share of pieces that can be described with entirely different adjectives. However, is it a coincidence that even after all this time "eccentric, cute and practical" is still an ongoing theme in most of my favorite pieces?

My fashion places of fascination remain the same for years as well. There are four: Mojca Makuc (clothes) and Marjeta Grošelj (bags) shops in Ljubljana, Kobali (hats) shop in Zagreb (all of which I'd like to write about some more in the future) and Giorgio Armani headquarters in Milan, Via Borgonuovo. (Like many other buildings in the center of Milan, the headquarters have such a mysterious feeling to them you cannot imagine people actually go inside every day and work there. It's too ordinary. The walls and doors inevitably make you think of secret courtyards, marble, gardens and fountains and suddenly you catch yourself wishing you were a part of that world too.)

Sometimes I think still enjoying wearing things I bought in my mid-teens and getting the same thrill about my favorite places is kind of sentimental, but really it's an anchor. It's how fashion doesn't get overwhelming for me though it's changing at the most frenetic pace.

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    • Imam jedan veliki, crni i glamurozni šešir Kobali koji me podsjeća na francusku rivijeru u 60. godinama pa ga stoga nijednom nisam nosila. Smiješno kad ti nešto stoji u ormaru, a još uvijek maštaš o tome.

  1. I don't think fashion changes all that much. Everything repeats itself just one season it's called a mermaid skirt, the next a trumpet, the next a fishtail...
    Even though I may not be wearing the same things I wore 10 years ago (I do still have some 10+ year old things actually), my actual AESTHETIC hasn't changed much.

  2. Although some of the accessories and dress are my all time favorite but I like to update myself with latest fashion trends.

    So I always change my look according to new trends.

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly (love the opening pic btw). It's a sign of authenticity when you don't stray to far from your signature style. Of course, we mature and evolve and sometimes try on trends for fun, but the basics of our personal sense of style shouldn't change too much. Like you say, it keeps us grounded in a frenetic, hyper-changeable fashion industry. Also saves you money as you can wear the same staple over and over.

  4. when I was 14 and about to go to my primary school prom dance, my mum took me to Mojca Makuc's shop to try on a dress. I remember liking it, but somehow we were not sure it was the right one and we ended up going to Trieste and I ended up with sth much less class, but more suitable for my age I guess. When in Ljubljana I walk past the shop often on the way to my office and wonder, should I stop and try sth on. But I never do. Your post makes me think I will stop there when I get back this summer. Groselj on the other hand, is not my taste (my mum used to have her bags before they became crazy expensive)


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