Anndra Neen Fall 2012 presentation

Anndra Neen Fall 2012

Yesterday I attended the Anndra Neen (by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens) Fall 2012 presentation at Milk Studios. The hand-forged silver and gold pieces were displayed on handcrafted paper landscapes of boulders, coral, trees and seashells, created by Matthew Sporzynski. The presentation was titled "When the Mistress is Out"; the little black paper figures you ... Read more

Katya Leonovich Fall 2012 presentation

Katya Leonovich Fall 2012

When I attended Katya Leonovich's Spring 2012 presentation at New York Fashion Week last season, I couldn't bring myself to write about it because I thought I hated it. Giving myself some time to think, once fashion week was over, I realized it was one of the best collections I'd seen and that I actually ... Read more

Ann Yee Fall 2012 presentation

Ann Yee Fall 2012

For Fall 2012 Ann Yee introduced knit sweaters, asymmetrical tops and shawls in muted colors; taupe, grey, olive green, brown, violet and - surprisingly - no black, which allowed for a softer overall impression (See, winter can be done in other colors). Yee used silk, lace, chiffon, wool and velvet. I'm fond of silk for ... Read more

NAHM Fall 2012 presentation

NAHM Fall 2012

NAHM by Nary Manivong and Alexandria Hilfiger Fall 2012 presentation took place this morning at Milk Studios, en route to which I missed my subway stop because I was too occupied looking at directions on how find Milk Studios ... Irony. The collection (intentionally?) feels more like Spring/Summer than Fall/Winter; garments are mostly lightweight and ... Read more

Katie Gallagher Fall 2012 presentation

Katie Gallagher Fall 2012

Katie Gallagher's Fall 2012 presentation at The Standard confirmed not only her talent, but also that she needs to show at a bigger venue - although young, Gallagher is so renowned that masses of people came to her presentation today, resulting in an average 30-minute wait in queue for the elevator (the glamour of fashion ... Read more