Do you love Louboutin enough to pay $50 for his nail polish?

Last Updated on March 14, 2015 Thought the Christian Louboutin nail polish would be your chance to buy into the Louboutin dream without spending your entire paycheck on his shoes? It might be, but it'll still cost you a pretty penny. The Rouge Louboutin nail polish, out today at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York ... Read more

10 breathtaking haute couture looks for Fall 2014

Last Updated on July 13, 2014 Haute couture gods have once again descended upon Paris, introducing the Fall/Winter 2014/15 season. While the ostentatiously wealthy are busy sending their orders to fashion houses, we mere mortals can drool over the photos of the resplendent creations. Acute aspiration disorder? Nothing provokes it like haute couture. 1. Giambattista ... Read more