Why do you blog?


Last Updated on April 24, 2012 I often talk about fashion blogging with people who once heard about bloggers who receive expensive clothes for free, launch their own lines and collaborations, fly business class, get paid €5000 per appearance and make millions in ad revenues (OK, I made that one up). While I love discussing ... Read more

Art dialog: Eva Domijan in Janja Videc


Last Updated on July 19, 2022 Verjameš v ustvarjalne žure? Mogoče bo humoreska, mogoče drama, vsekakor pa žur besed, idej in lepega. Na eni strani odra modna ustvarjalka Janja Videc, na drugi jaz, modna blogerka. Ne, ne bo STEREOtipov! Pridi, noter te spustimo brez kakršnekoli vstopnine. Vidimo se v sredo, 25. aprila, ob 19h v ... Read more

London Calling


Last Updated on May 30, 2012 I got accepted to London College of Fashion to study MA Fashion Journalism two weeks ago. Since then I've been experiencing a burnout further intensified by seemingly endless pages of uni work. You can always choose a few different paths in life and all of them will be relatively ... Read more