Do you like fashion books?

Last Updated on July 19, 2022


Dear friends, I need your help. I'd really appreciate it if you could complete a short survey about fashion books:


The survey is an essential part of the market research for my upcoming book, so I want to collect as many responses as possible. Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “Do you like fashion books?”

  1. Done. :) Best of luck in your studies, in my many moments of doubt I wonder if I should go back.

    • Thank you so much. I believe you should definitely go back if it means a chance to work on exciting projects. My MA course has been quite fulfilling in this aspect.

  2. Jaz sem hotela izpolniti to anketo,ampak se mi po pritisku na link pokaže,da je ta raziskava zaprta.Če lahko kako drugače pomagam,mi prosim povej.
    Lep pozdrav :)!


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