Suzanne Rae Fall 2012 presentation

Last Updated on February 18, 2012

Suzanne Rae Fall 2012

Suzanne Rae Fall 2012

This is the rich red velvet dress I was dreaming about all winter.

Suzanne Rae Fall 2012

Suzanne Rae Fall 2012 was the last presentation I attended at New York Fashion Week. According to press notes, the collection was inspired by the spirits of Jim Morrison, Aldous Huxley and William Blake - very rock 'n' roll poetic. Approaching the end of fashion week, collections start to blend together in your mind, however Rae's pieces stood out for their whimsical romanticism. I loved her eco rendition of the fox stole, the collars (fringed and Mandarin) and the refined cream white dress with batwing sleeves. Rae's mix of different (you'd think mutually exclusive) inspirations was the stepping stone towards a unique vision I haven't seen in any other NYFW collection.

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  1. What I have seen and read on your blog, I got the feeling, that New York Fashion Week 2012 did not offered nothing fresh new. It seams that upcoming New York fashion become cold empty and impersonal as America itself.

    Especially Anndra Neen jewellery. Instead of jewellery I would call it bijoux (maybe high end bijoux). At first it looks astonishing, but when you look at it closer, you will see imperfection of fast made pieces.

    This happens, when designers are to occupied and determined with surrounding. They are designing and creating for the others (fashion critics, media, bloggers and costumers) and they forget about their passion, inside fire, who they really are... if they are aware of it!

    Suzzane Rae was the only one among all designers that actually occupied my eye. Especially fine romantic blouses. I would love to wear one! The combination with blouse and mini skirt is just so kinky fine, with a touch of a street style. Bravo Suzzane!


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