Early birthday present

Last Updated on January 30, 2013

Max Mara tulle and mesh top

The majority of my wardrobe consists of beautiful, intricate pieces like this black mesh and tulle Max Mara top, not meant to be wasted for quotidian affairs. In theory, their elegance could transform the affairs into fairy tales. In practice, I need a prescription for [sartorial] apathy. I'm not bothered by my wardrobe's overall lack of practicality; I prefer my clothes to be a reflection of my inner world, though it continuously fails to overlap with the outer world. Is it that my wardrobe doesn't suit my life or my life doesn't suit my wardrobe?

Gorizia, December 8, 2011. The sales assistant undressed the mannequin in the window so I could try on the top; it was the last one. I usually don't have any make-up on for shopping; a coincidence that proves beneficial when deciding whether I want something or not. I'm only interested in clothes that make me look better than I had looked before I tried them on. The garment itself has to have that power, not make-up or accessories.

After I had changed into the top, I saw my otherwise tired face in the mirror looking fresh and radiant. The light bouncing off the sewn-on necklace illuminated my skin. A mesmerized sigh that made the sales assistants smile sealed the deal.

-- Invite me somewhere secret and glamorous
so I can debut the top before fashion weeks.
We can not wait this time. --

7 thoughts on “Early birthday present”

  1. "Is it that my wardrobe doesn't suit my life or my life doesn't suit my wardrobe?"- I feel that all the time. I love dressing up, but sometimes I got that feeling that the clothes I am wearing are too precious for the people around me- they kind of not deserve it. So, my dear, come to Milan and we'll go somewhere glamourous with all that shining together.

  2. Kot da bi brala svoje življenje čez blog nekoga drugega. Skoraj upala sem, da je to samo najstniška faza ("Is it that my wardrobe doesn't suit my life or my life doesn't suit my wardrobe?"), ki je bo slej kot prej konec, ampak, ojoj, očitno se nikoli ne konča. Ti imaš vsaj modne tedne, jaz pa še vsaj dve leti gimnazije in bednega stila (ugg(l)ice, bež wedges s krznom, skinny jeggins, svileni topki iz H&M-a in Mangota, puloverčki s pentljicami in zabave s petkami a la tole). Eh :(

  3. "Is it that my wardrobe doesn't suit my life or my life doesn't suit my wardrobe?" - that is the question... I feel like I'm caught somewhere between practical - impractical half the time. I'm also quite taken on your advice to shop with no makeup on.. I'd like to try it. See if it helps me pick out the good bits any easier. ;)

    ps: I'm not too sure how early a birthday present this is - but happy birthday. :)

  4. I could not agree more to your approach to shopping :))
    As far as wardrobe suitability to life, eventually you'll strike a balance between ok and perfect, it usually happens in a really busy job or running after the children all the time (hehe sorry, just channeling my Mum and what she'd probably say :D)


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