Alan Hranitelj: Intuition and spontaneity

Last Updated on December 10, 2010

Alan Hranitelj was my first favorite designer when I was a child. When he's not working for Cirque du Soleil or on other projects in exciting places like China and New York, you often see him around Ljubljana, always impeccably dressed and radiating an aura of genius. That's just what it's like with some people! Every time I see him I feel starstruck, although we've never established eye contact, let alone talked (*gasp*).

I found this interview by accident in a book titled Fashion Statements last summer. It was originally published in Virus Mutations magazine, no. 6, March 1999, in Italy. It seems to me that he talks about his work much less vaguely than usually in this interview. Maybe it's a matter of language?

Alan Hranitelj interview

Alan Hranitelj interview

7 thoughts on “Alan Hranitelj: Intuition and spontaneity”

  1. Omg am i shameful if I say I had never heard of him? Now that I've seen his creation and I've become aware he's got to do with Cirque du Soleil I have somthing more to study and to worship!!
    Thnk you Eva!!

    • When I was little, he was my favorite designer more in terms of design (very broad spectrum), not really fashion. His work is one of the most important reasons why I'm into fashion today though.


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