Chanel Pre-Fall 2011: Paris & Byzantium

Last Updated on December 15, 2021

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Turkish apple teaWhen I was in Istanbul many years ago visiting a carpet factory, the setting looked exactly like Chanel's Pre-Fall 2011 show. We were sipping apple tea and listened to the owner describing the process of weaving handmade carpets. They were everywhere, even hung on walls, something I'd never seen before. The room wasn't small, but it still had that intimate atmosphere you usually associate with slight lack of space. This is one of my most vivid travel memories and seeing photos from the Chanel show instantly transported me back in time.

As suggested by the show's title (Paris & Byzantium), the clothes are very classic Chanel with Byzantine influences. I'm happy to say this clever mixture has me far more excited than the Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 collection. It's appropriately regal and bold and looks very wearable. I'm particularly fond of gold touches, they truly complement each outfit. Most of the shoes are something else, as always, but this collection is the first one that made me think why should everything always be beautiful? I feel that this time the shoes are actually more quirky than ugly.

The most fantastic thing about this collection is that a lot of the pieces wouldn't look out of place in the time of the Byzantine Empire, but they're just as well-suited for today. The message of great art resonates in every time and space.


Photos from vogueparislive. See more photos from the show on Daylife.

6 thoughts on “Chanel Pre-Fall 2011: Paris & Byzantium”

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  2. this is lovely and a real relief because their Spring/Summer collection left me unmoved and doubting my devotion to the brand. but this looks like a rescue of reputation just in the nick of time :)
    love the gold accents too

    • Someone mentioned in a forum I'm reading that Lagerfeld always seems to do better work for collections that receive less media attention (Pre-Fall, Cruise, Resort). I think this could've been a magnificent mainline collection. Really excited about seeing it in Chanel windows, too (I love Chanel window-shopping) :)

  3. Very interesting post. That rug is so unique and pretty and it really does look like the clothes. I agree with you that not everything has to be beautiful. Sometimes "ugly" things look interesting and almost "pretty" if you pair them right. For example, if you wear an "ugly" chunky sweater(popular now) with a nice pair of slim skinny jeans and riding boots, you will look chic. Speaking of ugly sweaters, thelittledustprincess did a post in response to a petite fashion challenge on how to wear an "ugly" sweater and make it chic. It ended up looking really great! This Chanel collection actually seems inspiring unlike some of the others.
    P.S. I've always wanted to go to Istanbul! How was it?!


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