This week in fashion #7

Last Updated on July 19, 2022


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London has finally been Célinified. The abundance of Trapeze handbags in the streets would have you believe a Céline flagship store has existed here for years, but the new establishment on Mount Street took quite a while to open its doors. Coincidentally or not, Céline's creative director Phoebe Philo received her OBE from Prince Charles just last weekend.


Bulgari will invest €1,5 million into the renovation of Rome's Spanish Steps that will begin next year. This comes after Fendi had decided to refurbish Rome's five most loved fountains, and Tod's contributed to the restoration of the Colosseum. Hats off to these brands - this is a brilliant way to give back to the community.


That heretic Vogue cover.

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2 thoughts on “This week in fashion #7”

    • Dislike. First, I believe models/fashion people should cover fashion magazines, not celebrities. Second, Kim K doesn't have any achievements or does anything interesting in life (this is why I don't object to Kanye on the cover, even though I don't like him), so I don't get why she would be on *any* cover, not just Vogue. This cover was obviously a commercial decision. Vogue sales have been dropping and this move will bring them back up, if only for a month.


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